Welcome to Zmeng Blog!

I am Zmeng, now a Ph.D. student at Lund University in Sweden.

My interest lies on Large-eddy simulation (LES) and the internet of thing (IoT). The first one is my work, focusing on the numerical simulation of reacting flow using OpenFOAM. The second one is an avocation, I came to it 10 years ago since I was an undergraduate.

This Zmeng Blog is used to record my learning experience on these two aspects:

  • The tools and skills on using OpenFOAM
  • Use and write embedded operating system

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The source code from this Blog are published on GitHub. My user name is ZmengXu, feel free to follow me.


  • Yan Zhang’s Blog OpenFOAM 成长之路
    Yan Zhang is my friend. He is an expert on OpenFOAM. His Blog OpenFOAM 成长之路 collects OpenFOAM Learning materials and analyses the libraries, such as Lagrangian thermophysicalModels and combustionModels.